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MILLER Banding Lyser

ASDIN | 02.2011

One Access for a Lifetime: Interventional Tips to Extend Access Site Longevity

ETOP | 01.2011

Percutaneous Minimally Invasive Steal Repair MILLER Procedure

Veith Symposium | 11.2010

Enhancement Of Fistula Maturation
Percutaneous Management Of High-Flow Fistulas

CiDA | 11.2010

The Balloon that Dilates the Vein that Doesn't Dilate - Balloon-assisted Maturation
Treat the stenosis before surgery or consider a graft-catheter

ASDIN | 02.2010

*Poster Winner* for Palmar Arch Steal Syndrome treatment of radiocephalic fistulas

Veith Symposium | 11.2009

Should Interventionalists Do Surgery?

CiDA | 11.2009

Fistula Maturation
Flow reduction for the treatment of cephalic arch stenosis

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